Mini Dental Implants: Knowing More about Them

Some years ago, dentures became a good way to replace teeth. For several years, it served to be the only way for people to “regain” a lost tooth. But nowadays, as time evolved and technology brought more innovative designs, a better way of tooth replacement has come to emerge in the dentistry world. Through mini dental implants, it is now possible to make permanent your lost teeth. Today, it is the best known cosmetic treatment to bring back your teeth’s natural look.

Mini Dental Implants – What Are They?

Without the use of any major surgical procedure, you can now transplant a teeth which can look the same or even better than your previous teeth. It only takes two consultation visits from your dentists to complete the mini dental implant process. First, your whole set of teeth will be taken pictures (x-ray) to be used in the lodging process.

Next, a surgical template will be established in place of lost teeth or loose dentures. It can provide you with a one way substitute solution to your lost teeth. The implant is only an ultra small size in diameter. It is made up of titanium alloy which is built to last through time. Although the cost of mini dental implants is quite pricey, many people resort to this form of tooth replacement because of comfort and stability.

Mini Dental Implants – Who Discovered Them?

About twenty years ago, a titanium alloy was conceived to bring into reality the dreams of having the perfect replacement for lost teeth. Two men are responsible for the birth of these very useful implants; Victor Sendax worked in collaboration with Dr. Ronald Bulard to provide a set of implants which can be used without having any dental problems upon its placement. The theory initially composed of free standing implants which can give support for natural teeth.

Bridges and gaps between teeth are its target points. After several studies and dental exams, perfect mini dental implants became instantly available for human use. Thanks to the effort of these two men that people today worry less about shame of having loose dentures. Nowadays, people are able to smile and eat comfortably again because of these “almost real” tooth implants.

Mini Dental Implants – Are They Scientifically Accepted?

Mini dental implants have undergone a series of tests and studies. Through many years of work and painstaking efforts to make it perfect for human use, it became widely accepted in many countries around the world. The FDA approved for its release and use among human subjects. It is both safe and stable plus it provides you a better way of tooth replacement. Because of its success, it is popularly offered today in many dental clinics. .

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