The Approximate Cost of Dental Implants

Obviously one of the first things you would think about when going into a surgery such as the dental implant surgery is what the cost of dental implants is going to be and how much out of pocket money you are going to be spending. It is important that patients going through for this surgery or even those just considering it, realize that the dental implants average cost varies, depending on the dentist you go to and on personal factors as well.

In general, dental implants are not covered by insurance and so even if you have benefits, because dental implant surgery is considered as being a cosmetic surgery, you most likely will not be covered and the entire cost of the surgery will have to be paid out of your pocket.

What is Included

It is also important for patients to realize that there are a few different things that are included in the cost of dental implants. First there is the cost of the implant surgical procedure itself then there is also the cost of the post which is placed on the healed implant, and the cost of the crown which is the tooth that is placed on top of the post. Therefore there is not just a single cost of dental implants, but rather a few different costs that are combined into one.

There may even be some additional costs as well for your surgery, for instance if the use of synthetic bone material is required there will probably be an additional fee for this. This is often only necessary when bone grafting is required however, which is when the patient’s jawbone is either too thick or too soft. With bone grafting, what happens is that a piece of bone is removed from another part of the body, such as the arm or the hip, and is then transplanted to the jawbone.


You can ask about financing for the cost of dental implants, because this is an option that is often available. However, a credit check is often required here so if you have poor credit this will most likely not be an option to you.

Just be sure that you talk with your dentist several times before going through with the procedure, so that you are aware of not only the cost of dental implants but as well what is going to take place during the procedure and what to expect afterwards. Anyone heading into any surgery needs to be prepared and feel comfortable, if they want the surgery to go as smoothly as possible..

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